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Food Trucks South understands that every food truck business is unique. Every vehicle begins on the drawing table, then is tailor designed and custom built to fit the specific needs of our client.

Custom Built

Our design and fabrication teams bring together the highest quality, most cost-effective equipment and materials available. We optimize your corporate image & expand the ability to take your unique menu to food pods, office parks, catering, festivals, and special events.


Each truck whether new or pre-owned is designed from top to bottom using the latest in 3D modeling software.

  • Virtual Truck Design – Every truck is designed in a 3D modeling program to ensure a proper work flow, work place efficiency, and equipment fitment.
  • Virtual Stress Testing – Every custom component is tested using the industry standard in 3D modeling programs to ensure low maintenance and a lasting food truck.
  • Proprietary Seamless Membrane Polyurethane Floor – Long term durability, easy maintenance and low slippage.
  • Custom Metal Support Beams – Our custom beams are placed every 48 inches, giving the walls of the truck enough strength to support any equipment needed.
  • Custom Mounts and Brackets – We take pride in keeping our designs neat, clean and functional. Generators, fresh, waste and propane tanks are all kept out of sight.
  • Custom Stainless-Steel Hoods – Food Trucks South builds each ventilation system specific to the truck.
  • Surpassing Local Specific Health Department Specifications – Every truck that leaves our manufacturing facility has received a 100 point inspection.
  • High Quality Commercial Equipment – We do not cut corners with your business’s future.
  • Custom Designed Graphics and Exterior Components – Food Trucks South vehicles are known in the industry for their strong sharp appearance. These “moving billboards” are perfect for brand recognition.


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We also offer food trailers!

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Our Vehicles


  • Created Using Latest Tools & Software

    We design our trucks and all of the equipment and components using a variety of the latest 3D modeling software.
  • Only the Best Materials

    Food Trucks South firmly believes in, and stands by its products, so only the best materials and workmanship are used.
  • Details & Testing

    Once a vehicle has reached this phase of the build, it goes through a battery of extensive testing to ensure we are delivering a superior product to our customers.
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