Why Choose Us

Why choose us you ask? We strive to provide our customers with the best quality food truck you can buy. Our Design and Engineering team will help you get what you need into the limited space.

Our Vehicles

Our trucks start out with a strong foundation. We select new or low mileage, fully serviced, decommissioned trucks from major fleet services, offered in a variety of sizes.  These trucks are specifically chosen by owner, David Ford, using his years of experience to ensure performance and dependability.

Design and Engineering

We design our trucks and all of the equipment and components using a variety of the latest 3D modeling software. First, our expert staff builds each truck virtually to ensure everything fits, and that we use the minimal space to its maximum potential. This technique has shown to be very helpful during the fabrication phase, not only because we know the exact location of every piece of equipment, but the order of installation.


Once the vehicle is selected, it begins the transformation. We start with adding wall supports, walls, ceiling panels, ventilation systems, electrical wiring, propane components, and water systems, and any other fixtures that the design requires.  Food Trucks South firmly believes in, and stands by its products, so only the best materials and workmanship are used.

Final Detail and Testing

Once a vehicle has reached this phase of the build, it goes through a battery of extensive testing to ensure we are delivering a superior product to our customers. After the vehicle passes, it is then turned over to our expert vinyl wrapping crew, who turns your food truck into something special. Our favorite time at Food Trucks South is the day we unveil the finished product to the customer.


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