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David Ford and the Food Truck South Story

Car restorer to food truck fabricator.

Growing Up

David’s love affair with fabrication started as a child. His earliest and fondest memories of childhood are working with his father rebuilding cars, go-carts and drag cars. It was at age 4 when David’s father finally allowed him to help work on the family car. David’s first job was to hand an Open End Wrench to his dad and he still wonders if that wasn’t the proudest moment of his life. David’s love affair with auto mechanics officially began that day.

David continued to help his dad refurbish cars and one day in 1961, his dad helped David get his first car at age 12. David’s brother had bought a 1930 A Model Coupe. When his brother found another car he liked better, David’s dad helped the brother buy the car, but only under the condition he give the Coupe to David to restore. It was David’s first car, but not his last.

The next year, when David turned 13, he bought a 1930 Chevy from the estate of a beloved neighbor. However, the first true love of David’s life came when he turned 16 in 1965 and bought a ’57 Chevy. David modified it with a bigger engine, a four speed transmission and even added Corvette Bucket Seats. You can still see David beam with pride when he tells you, “I was the first kid I knew in Nortonville, Kentucky to put mag wheels on a 57 Chevy. That was one fine vehicle!”

By 16, David, his brother and dad were also into racing go-carts. They built their own engines and modified the chassis. David was very successful at go-cart racing as he was very small for his age. At 120 pounds soaking wet, he could gain speeds denied to the larger kids. The early successes led to drag racing where David raced all over Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.

First Career…the Day Job

But as so often happens in real life, David eventually got a day job. During the job years he still never gave up on his true passion of restoring and collecting cars. His first, “paycheck purchase” he calls it, was a ’37 Ford two-door Sedan Slant-Back. He tore it down completely, rebuilt it back, had it sandblasted, and instead of black, had it repainted a cool turquoise. He later sold it and bought a ’63 Nova SS “Super Sport” Convertible into which he put a 400 hp High Performance Engine. It was a fine ride, but as soon as it was completed David was ready to rebuild again. He sold it and bought a ’32 Ford Roadster. A beautiful two seater, with a color David calls, “Give Me a Ticket Red.”

In 2006 David’s car obsession took on an additional layer when he and some friends in the custom car world decided to bring, “The World of Wheels” to Atlanta. Featuring custom cars, hot rods and specialty vehicles, David and friends filled up the 250,000 square-foot World Congress Center with car enthusiast’s delights from wall-to-wall.

The best thing about the show to David was being able to convince George Barris, “King of the Kustomizers” to become a feature of the show. Barris had been a long time idol of David’s, having built the “Munsters Mobile,” “The Monkees Car,” “Kit” from Knightrider, and numerous custom cars for celebrities like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elvis Presley. The show was a huge success and David sees another car show somewhere in his future.

From a Hobby To A Business

When David was finally able to retire from his day job in 2010 he decided he would buy a food truck and sit on the beach everyday while employees sold hotdogs out of his truck. However, when David began his search to locate a food truck company, he could not find one that he felt was willing to customize to his specifications or meet the standards he had learned throughout his life, beginning under the tutelage of his father.

David decided to build his own food truck and hired the best engineer that he could find to assist him. Together they fabricated such an exquisitely beautiful food truck that David decided building food trucks is where his true joy could be found. He had always said his biggest illness was suffering from “Post Completion Depression Syndrome” and now he had found a way to avoid that illness like the plague. Good-bye, beach dreams. Hello, Food Trucks South.

David hired two craftsmen known for their quality workmanship to come on board. They are still working by his side, along with the original engineer to this day. As the company grew he took the trucks off Craig’s List and onto his own, Food Trucks South website. He hired an IT and Graphic Designer to lay out the plans, leaving David more time to spend on the floor building trucks at the now burgeoning company in Marietta, Georgia.

On the heels of those hires, David had to hire an office manager to handle the day-to-day accounting and purchasing. Recently, he has hired an account manager to make sure no customer’s question or inquiry is left on the table from beginning to end. Each truck is a work of love and a source of pride for David and his entire crew. They want the customer to love a Food Trucks South truck as much as they do.

David says his trucks, “Are the closest you can come to owning a worry-free vehicle that will give a lifetime of use.” An added benefit of a Food Trucks South truck is they are designed with Health Inspectors in mind, which is why Inspectors the country over are constantly raving about the clean construction for which Food Trucks South are known.

As David says, “Building the finest food trucks in the world is my passion and that of my team. You just can’t buy a better-built food truck anywhere in the world.”

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